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BnT: Sunada Akio by ikujinashi BnT: Sunada Akio by ikujinashi

BnT: Sunada Akioby ikujinashi

Manga & Anime / Digital Media / Drawings©2014 ikujinashi

Trying for this amazing looking group! I'm a little nervous for my boy though... www (´;Д;`)

Name: Sunada, Akio (砂田秋生)
Nickname: He doesn't have one. Feel free to give him one! (*ノ・ω・)
Gender: Male ♂
Age: 16 years old
DOB: 13/09 (September 13th)
Zodiac: Virgo ♍
Blood type: O
Height: 170 cm (5'7")
Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs)
Grade: II
Club: Art
Sexuality: It's all over the place... (n;´∇`〃)
Noticeable features: Tired eyes/eye-bags, small freckle under his right eye, usually blushing slightly, rather bony frame

Akio is an internal, contemplative, and emotional person. He often thinks about the beauty and ugliness of humanity and, for the most part, has a melancholic outlook on life. His brain can be very chaotic at times because of his strong emotions that are constantly present. His hormones are also always on a rise, causing him to be extremely horny most of the time. He also suffers from spells of mild depression due to a combination of low self-worth and lack of sleep which leads him to be self-destructive.

At first glance, Akio appears to be a shy, withdrawn, and tired person. He usually has an expression of apathy on his face, making him seem not very approachable to others. He tends to keep to himself in public situations not only because he enjoys people watching, but also because he's cautious about who he wants to interact with. He's constantly sorting people in his head; deciding whether he'd like to get to know them or not. He's socially awkward with meeting new people, but sincerely appreciates it when people do decide to talk with him, though he doesn't outwardly show it very well.

Akio is deeply kind-hearted and caring towards the people in his life. He values harmony, forgiveness, modesty, and sympathy and is usually very sensitive to other people's feelings. Because of his sensitivity, he's more empathetic towards people's problems in everyday life and he never wants to add to it and make their day worse off. This is also the reason why he can't stand people who are unnecessarily rude to others. When Akio does find a friend he's comfortable with, he'll become really friendly, open, and talkative.
(The things with * are nsfw so if you don't know what they are, I don't recommend looking them up if people are around! www /chokes)

✔ Thinking about the world, existence, life, people, and emotions
✔ Bittersweet feelings (he finds a strange kind of pleasure in sadness and emotional pain)
✔ The feeling of loving something so much that it hurts
✔ Nice and friendly people, people who smile a lot, outgoing people, passionate people
✔ Being considered a friend to others
✔ Observing, people watching, watching the world move around him, looking at the sky
✔ The sun in the afternoon (the lighting, clouds, reddish colors, and the shadows), sunsets
✔ The way the air smells after it rains, the smell of dirt, cute girl smells
✔ Night walks and bike rides
✔ Autumn season
✔ Aesthetic appeal of mushrooms and squid (he thinks they're super cute, lol)
✔ Being scared (he thinks it's exciting and fun)
✔ Hot showers
✔ Sketching, doodling (mostly bodies and anatomy, occasionally tries to draw porn)
✔ Paper crafts
✔ Blogging (though nobody knows about his blog, pfff)
✔ All kinds of movies (especially emotional movies, horror, and pink films* ;; heh)
✔ Manga (life/existentialism, shoujo, hentai, horror, guro*, eroguro* ᕙ(˘//∇//˘;; )゜・)
✔ Porn, R-18, masturbating ( ´//▽//` )ノ
✔ Kinbaku/shibari* (he just likes looking at it okay, lol)
✔ Eroge/H-games*
✔ Listening to music, (usually has headphones in, he likes mostly indie music, also loves hearing live music)
✔ Sekihan, nigiri, anpan, anmitsu, taiyaki, pears, apples (he loves azuki beans!)
✔ Kuzuyu tea
✔ The way he looks (though he isn't cocky about it, he's just comfortable with himself)
✔ Bed head (on himself and on other people)
✔ Medical masks (he has a collection of them)

✘ When his depression gets really bad
✘ Jerks, buttheads, and overly judgmental people
✘ Party people, drunk people, and dangerous people
✘ When people are a little too hyperactive and pushy, unpredictable people
✘ Conflict
✘ Drugs and alcohol
✘ His brain and thoughts at times
✘ Having too many things to do, having to work really hard
✘ Most trendy things (#yolo, #swag, and such)
✘ Anthropomorphic vehicles (they creep him out in a bad way, lol)
✘ Band-aids (hates the smell, the stickiness, and taking them off)
✘ Socks
✘ Flat pillows
✘ Citrus (overly sensitive to it ヽ(; Σ ;)ノ)
✘ Thieves
✘ Awkward boners (gets them easily), being so easily aroused
✘ Dead batteries
✘ Abstract art (it confuses him and he thinks it's pointless)
✘ Really cold water
✘ Dubstep, industrial music, loud obnoxious music (thinks it just sounds like noise garbage)
✘ When people sniff their nose a lot
✘ Interruption
✘ Liars
✘ Needles, getting shots
✘ Animals like goats, sheep, alpacas, llamas, etc (he also doesn't understand why people think they are cute and trendy)

Akio was born into an upper class family which included himself, his mother, Chie, and his father, Yoshiro. His father and mother owned a dry cleaning business that had been passed down through the generations. During his childhood, business was booming and all was well in the Sunada household. Akio grew up with the mindset that family was everything, as they were very active and close-knit. They would go on family vacations whenever possible and little Akio loved his life. Akio adored his elementary school years as well. He had a best friend, Hayashi Noburu, who he had met in his first year of elementary school. Once they bonded, they were inseparable; doing everything they could with each other. After school, they would always go home to Akio's house and play together. Akio's family welcomed Noburu into their home with open arms because they were so happy their son had such a good friend.

When they were ten, the two friends were into video games, anime, and manga like most kids their age. One night, when Akio snuck out to the computer to look up some information on a favorite anime character, he found graphic images of the character in the results. At first, he was mildly confused, then that confusion turned to intense interest as he started feeling something new in his tightening chest and other places. He went back to bed with his pulse racing from excitement.

A couple years later, when Akio turned twelve, Noburu's father, who had been working at a failing winery, finally lost his job along with the other workers as it had to be shut down. Over the next year, due to the higher unemployment rate, the Sunada's dry cleaning business was facing more and more hardships. They started facing doubling rates on their bills which were getting hard to keep up with because they were losing so many customers. Finally, the family had to close their doors for good and sell the business to a local contractor who wanted to tear it down and make the area a parking lot for now. While his mother began working at the little factory they had in town to give the family enough income to survive, Yoshiro, who had been a sober man until now, turned to drinking heavily at night to dull his ache from losing the family business.

Noburu and Akio continued to spend most of their time together even though Yoshiro was becoming more of a nuisance in their lives because of his nightly drunken ramblings and accusations. Whenever Noburu would come to sleep over now, the thirteen years olds would be harassed and ridiculed by Akio's father. He would spout off that he couldn't believe his son was gay and endlessly make fun of them to the point that the boys would storm out of the house and hang out at the dark playground until they knew it was safe to go back. The next morning was the same as every other morning, Yoshiro would quietly apologize to Akio for his actions from the night before and Akio, feeling overwhelmed with compassion, easily forgave his father. This continued nearly every night and while Akio was experiencing a growing resentment for his father's actions, he could never bring himself to hold a grudge against him once the night passed.

Towards the end of that year, Noburu's family couldn't survive without steady work much longer and they had to move. This caused the two much heartbreak to have to say goodbye, as they were closer than brothers. While it was never discussed due to the shame it would have brought, it was clear the boys really had fallen in love with one another over the years which made the separation that much more painful. They promised to keep in touch, but instead, communication was lacking and ceased altogether because it was too painful for Akio to keep trying.

At fourteen, Akio felt a state of depression overtake him to the point where it seemed almost unbearable at times. His cherished childhood seemed so far away now since his family's life had taken a turn for the worse and never improved. His parents fought constantly now, nearly every night, and he took to hiding out in his room when he wasn't at school. Although, school wasn't a safe haven for him either, so most of his days were spent skipping class and wandering around various areas, away from his home. He felt so free when he was out and about. He loved watching people and observing their actions from afar, when they thought no one was paying attention to them. It was not only entertaining, but it also manifested feelings inside him that made him really appreciate life and humans. He couldn't explain it, but he felt a rush whenever he thought about humanity and deeper emotions. This behavior continued through the remainder of junior high and his first year of high school. Because of his skipping, his grades declined severely and while he was usually good at hiding this fact, his parents found out one day and decided to take action. Both of them agreed to send Akio to a new school, thinking a change of pace would help their son.

Now, Akio is sixteen years old and he's decided that if he's accepted into this new school, he'll do his best to maintain his grades and possibly make a new friend or two. Because of his love for people and connections, he does want to bond closely with someone once more and fill the void in his heart.
Sunada Yoshiro (38), Akio's father. They used to have a great relationship as Akio was growing up, but that has all changed now that his father is an alcoholic. While they are still on decent terms, their relationship is strained.

Sunada Chie (36), Akio's mother. A kind and hardworking woman. Even though their relationship is a little tense as well, Akio has respect for his mother and her determination to help their family.

Hayashi Noburu (17), Akio's childhood best friend. The two of them were deeply connected to one another, but after Noburu had to move, he left a hole in Akio's heart. They don't keep in contact, but Akio thinks of him everyday.

Additional Information:
- His first name is written as 秋 meaning "autumn, fall", and 生 meaning "life, existence, raw, genuine".
- Has a mild case of agoraphobia
- Has really sweaty hands most of the time ;;
- Has a nervous habit of biting his finger nails and picking at his skin
- Wishes he could touch people's hearts through music or art but doesn't think he'd be good enough so he doesn't try
- Someday he'd like to learn to play the bass guitar
- Is a bit of a masochist (both emotionally and physically)
- Has to sleep with a fan on or have some kind of white noise in the background
- Has a thing for girls with really long hair
- Favorite colors are red and dark plum
- Favorite animals are turtles and red pandas
- Smells like Asian pears
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